Training for social workers in Vilnius

Training for specialists Vilnius


On the 20th of  September 20 Head of Social-Educational Initiatives Centre PLUS, dr. Aistė Bartkevičienė, organized an experiencial seminar for social workers in Vilnius. The participants of the workshop were introduced to the possibilities of expressive art (spontaneous and intuitive drawing, collage creation) in social work field.


Participant’s experience:

“I liked the workshop, I found what I was looking for, it  exceeded expectations. I learned new art techniques that I can apply at social work, and I’ve practically tested them. It was very pleasing that it was a vibrant, dynamic, expressive, practical workshop: lots of movement and practical testing. We, as participants, were able to “experience”  techniques ourselves and really see their  effectiveness . I was fascinated and emotionally touched because the gathered audience immediately opened up a lot and began to tell and share important things from the work and from my personal life, that we were all so different and motivated. The lecturer was able to present theory in a very close relationship with practice, there was practically no time to sit and listen to, because knowledge was presented in an interactive way, and this is a very interesting and different method which is called, “learning by doing” (SIMONA)“.