Migrant women inclusion through art coaching (WIMTAC)

There is still a lack of policy focus when it comes to the inclusion of migrant women into labour market. Inclusion of migrant women into the labour market could be fostered through art coaching.

The overall aim of the project is to empower migrant women inclusion into the labour market through Art Couching.

The main aim is divided into 4 sub-aims:

  1. to develop innovative educational art coaching curriculum at the organizational level.
  2. to develop educational art coaching scenarios as learning resources seeking to organize and pilot art coaching sessions at the organizational level.
  3. to organize and pilot educational art coaching sessions seeking to develop migrant women employment and career plan at the participant level.
  4. to organize educational art coaching training for specialists working in unemployment offices, vocational training centers, adult education centers at the organizational level.
  5. to develop Nordic/Baltic virtual guidebook presenting educational Art Couching sessions encouraging migrant women inclusion into the labour market at the organizational /sector level.
  6. to promote educational art coaching guidebook for stakeholders via newsletters, other social media channels at the sector level.

We wish to carry out this initiative in a Nordic/Baltic context, because Nordic countries have a different experience working with adult learners –migrants in the context of their inclusion into labour market and have different traditions in applying the most effective labour market strategies such as coaching, mentoring and etc. Although, the lack of policy focus when it comes to the inclusion of migrant women is usual phenomena in Nordic as well as in Baltic countries. Seeking to solve mentioned problems and to improve migrant women access to the labour market it is important to develop the network of organizations working with migrants in multicultural context and using different kind of employment strategies on organizational and national levels. The created Nordic/Baltic network will have a possibility to share their experiences, good practices which empower migrant women inclusion into labour market. 

More information: https://nordplus-wimtac.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2491306501156036/ 

Project funded under “Nordplus” program