Learning through volunteering II

Migration of people from different cultures and traditions is just one of the few processes of globalization. Nowadays, social and political instability, declining living standards and many armed conflicts in Eastern Europe, West Asia and Africa have a major impact on the growth of immigration in the countries of European Union. Migration processes are often poorly planned and prepared, and for immigrants and refugees to accept culture and rules of host society is very hard, so we feel a lot of resistance on this issue. These trends are important all over the world, as well as in Lithuania. After Lithuania entered into a common world of European culture, our country assumed the responsibility to implement the directives of the European Union institutions, to address intercultural, global and security issues. The European Council’s White Paper (2008) identifies intercultural dialogue as one of the five most important areas of education. Intercultural sensitivity like moral qualities: openness, tolerance, empathy and attitude towards intercultural interaction. Developing these qualities makes it possible to more visually – both socially and globally – to realize it in the process of mutual relations, discoveries (V. Šaulienė, 2015). Due to the lack of intercultural dialogue, people, including immigrants and refugees, as well as children and young people from the host society, According to V.O. Pang’s research, encouraging tolerance and acceptance with respect to other cultures, creates a fair and inclusive environment. 

The aim of the project was foster positive attitudes to different cultures, religions to search for

similarities and differences among them and perceive ourselves as promoters of multicultural dialogue.

Objectives of the project:

  1. Organize activities whereby the children and young people and volunteers in the host community share their cultures, traditions, languages and behavior.
  2. To implement activities together with the host community, which contribute to the promotion of tolerance and the reduction of xenophobia.
  3. To promote intercultural / inter religious dialogue not only in the host organizations, but also in other organizations by organizing joint meetings, actions and discussions.

The project brought together 5 volunteers from different countries: Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey.

During the project, volunteers contributed to the implementation of educational activities in

kindergartens and also initiated activities that helped children and the local community better to

understand and accept other cultures. During the project activities that promote tolerance,

comprehension, intercultural learning, development of intercultural dialogue, skills development,

acquisition of new knowledge was implemented. The was based of innovative no formal

education methods.

Project partners:

  1. Social educationa initiatives centre Plus (Lithuania)
  2. Non Govermental kidnergarten „Nendre“ (Lithuania)
  3. VSI „ Vilniaus Montessori” (Lithuania)
  4. State kindergarten „Rytas“ (Lithuania)
  5. Mosaic Association (Bulgaria)
  6. International Youth Activities Center Association (Turkey)
  7. Associazione di Promozione Sociale (Italy)


Volunteers blog: https://seievs.wordpress.com/ 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/ESCseilt/

Project funded under „Erasmus +“ program